About Breathe and Sleep

My name is Russell Alcock and I’m a snorer! There I’ve said it, maybe you’re on this site for yourself, maybe you are buying Nasal Strips for your snoring partner or you know someone who snores loudly enough to wake the neighbours, come on let’s face it, strike up a conversation about snoring and you can pretty much guarantee everyone either snores themselves, suffers from their partners snoring or has a parent, sibling or friend who has kept them awake at some time or another.

Whatever your reason for being here welcome, our purpose is simple, we provide low cost, good quality Nasal strips or Nasal dilators as some people prefer to call them for people who have a snoring or congestion problem but don’t have bottomless pockets. I use Nasal strips myself, in fact my partner won’t let me come to bed without one, but I could not see any reason why I should have to pay up to 50p a night for some fancy nose decoration, but they work for me and for many others, whether it’s my snoring or if I’m just congested or a combination of the two, the strip opens up my airways and helps me breathe a lot easier and helps my long suffering Girlfriend get a decent night’s sleep.